The Family of Bray Wilkins, "Patriarch of Will's Hill," of Salem (Middleton), Mass., by William C. Hill (Milford, N. H., 1943).  8vo. xii + 213 pages, including a 23- page index, nine charts, and 22 interleaved images.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © April 2000

Bray Wilkins arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony  before 1632, and perhaps as early as 1628.  During his long life (having died in 1702 at the age of 92), he established a ferry service on the Neponset River (1638), worked the iron mines in Lynn with John Gengell, acquired a large tract of land on Will's Hill from soon-to-be-Governor Richard Bellingham, got into an imbroglio with Bellingham regarding his property rights, raised six sons and two daughters, and ultimately (at the age of 82) got  involved in the witchcraft "delusion" as accuser of his own grandson-in-law.

The Family of Bray Wilkins is, as its author states, "a studied record of material now available about Bray Wilkins and the earlier generations of his family, presented at sufficient length to permit many of those now living to recognize and trace their lines of descent."  Though by no means comprehensive, this genealogy does trace the descent for many lines through ten generations.

Bray Wilkin's family was, apparently, rather tightly-knit.   Said Hill, "The earlier generations had a marked proclivity for marrying immediate relatives and adhering to favorite given names.  When an alliance was formed outside the charmed communal Wilkins center at Will's Hill, it was the signal for repeated inter-marriages.  Thus, we find twenty-four members of the Wilkins family marrying Peabodys, seven Wilkins children marrying seven sons and daughters of Cooley Smith, and similar multiple marriages with the Upton, Case, Weston, and other families."

The compiler  was editor and historian of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, and author of Dartmouth Traditions, History of the Cecilia Society, and The Family of Captain John Mills.

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