Descendants of Thomas Wellman of Lynn, Massachusetts, by Rev. Joshua Wyman Wellman, D. D. (Boston, 1918).   8vo, xvi + 581 pages, with a forty-one page index and ten interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © June 2005.

A notably well-documented history of Thomas Wellman and his descendants, through ten generations.  Thomas, the immigrant ancestor, settled in Lynn, Massachusetts, sometime before 1653.  The first son, Abraham, remained in Lynn, where he testified in the witchcraft trial of Sarah Cole.  The second son, Isaac, eventually relocated to Norton (now Mansfield), Massachusetts.

Children of the eight generation appear to have been born (mostly after 1850) in twenty-eight states, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.  The majority were born in New England and New York, but there were significant numbers as well in in the Mid-West and several in far-away places, such as Georgia, Mississippi, Colorado, Idaho, California, and Washington.

Among surnames that appear often in this genealogy we find AUSTIN, AXTELL, BALDWIN, BARNARD, BROWN, CLARK, DOW, FARRAR, GROVER, HOWARD, HOWE, JOHNSON, KING, LUCE, MILLER, MOORE, MORSE, PIERCE, RICHARDS, RICHARDSON, SKINNER, SMITH, STEVENS, TAYLOR, TOWNSEND, WEST, WHITE, WILLIAMS, WILSON, WOOD, WRIGHT, and WYMAN.  To see the names of all the Wellmans and the other families in this genealogy, download the on-line index.

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