Watertown, Massachusetts

Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Including Waltham and Weston; to Which is Appended the Early History of the Town, with Illustrations, Maps and Notes, by Henry Bond, M. D., in two volumes (Boston, 1855 and 1860), xv + viii + viii + 1094 pages.  The new, revised Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © February 2007

Bond’s Watertown needs no introduction. Those of us who have searched for ancestors in colonial New England know it to be one of the most highly respected and frequently cited genealogical resources of the nineteenth century – this, notwithstanding difficulties attending its use.

The original publication consists of two volumes. The first volume (second edition, 1860) contains genealogical histories of “the very early settlers of Watertown” and “brief or partial genealogies of some families in neighboring towns.”  There are extended genealogies of many families, with descendants throughout the United States and Canada.  The second volume (1855) contains corrections and additions to the first volume and a 100-page history of Watertown.  This history, though brief, concentrates on the early decades of the town’s settlement and is based on a judicious analysis of town records and other pertinent documents.  The two volumes are typically found in a single binding, with pages numbered consecutively. There is no index.

The Digital Edition of Bond’s Watertown incorporates significant improvements, as follows:

Families with extended genealogies and biographies include BIGELOW (13 pages), BISCOE (37 pages), BOND (35 pages), BOWMAN (11 pages), BRIGHT (32 pages), BROWN (35 pages), COOLIDGE (28 pages), FISKE (15 pages), GODDARD (20 pages), HARRINGTON (13 pages), HASTINGS (14 pages), JENNISON (18 pages), JONES (13 pages), LAWRENCE (36 pages), LIVERMORE (16 pages), MASON (10 Pages), PEIRCE (11 pages), PHILLIPS (15 pages), SALTONSTALL (16 pages), STEARNS (93 pages), STONE (18 pages), WARREN (10 pages), WELLINGTON (10 pages), WHITE (19 pages) and WHITNEY (13 pages). For a complete list, see the Table of Contents.

The Digital Edition:  Four text files (8.11 Mb), 131 facsimile files (signatures) in GIF format (339 Kb), thirteen pedigree charts in GIF format (889 Kb), and twenty-six image files in JPG format (6.58 Mb).

Enhancements: Lineage tracking hyperlinks (especially useful in this volume, for which the compiler employed a rather cumbersome numbering system) and navigating hyperlinks. The images in this edition are of marginal quality.

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