History of the Wanton Family, Newport, Rhode Island, by John Russell Bartlett (Providence, R. I., 1878), 8vo, 151 pages. This Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © December 2008.

Edward, the earliest known ancestor of the Wanton family in America, settle in Boston before 1658, but relocated to Scituate after he joined the Quakers. There, he engaged in ship-building with sufficient success to lay the foundations of the family fortune.  His descendants were for several generations the leading merchants of Rhode Island Colony.  They were also prominent in the political affairs of Rhode Island, four of them having been elected during the Eighteenth Century to the office of Governor.

Originally published in 1871 in the Providence Journal, Bartlett augmented the work significantly for this 1878 edition [Rhode Island Historical Tracts, No. 3] with the addition of documents related mostly to the wars between Great Britain and France and Great Britain and Spain and to events in Rhode Island leading up to the Declaration of Independence -- in all of which Wantons, as Governors of the Colony, were intimately involved.

In addition to chronicling Edward’s descendants through five additional generations, Bartlett has attached to his work “genealogical memoranda” concerning families “formed by marriage connections with the Wanton family.”  These families are: ARNOLD, CAREY, CASEY, CODDINGTON, COIT, DUNNELL, ELLERY, GOULD, HAZARD, HUNTER, LYMAN, MINTURN, ROBINSON, SALTONSTALL, and TILLINGHAST.

The volume was published without an index, by reason of which readers of the Digital Edition will especially appreciate the search capabilities of their word processing software.

The Digital Edition: Complete with one text file in DOC format (1039 Kb).

Enhancement: Lineage-tracking hyperlinks.  In the absence of an index, readers of the Digital Edition will especially appreciate the search capabilities of their word processing software.

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