The Upson Family in America, compiled by the Upson Family Association of America (New Haven, 1940),  8vo, viii + 624 pages including a ninety-five page index, plus three interleaved images.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 2004.

Thomas Upson, progenitor of this Upson family in America, followed (but did not accompany) the Rev. Thomas Hooker from New Town (Cambridge, Massachusetts) to Hartford (Connecticut) in 1638.  He removed to Farmington in 1640, where he died in 1655.  He had five children -- two sons and three daughters -- by two wives. Thomas Upson's progeny, as recorded in this genealogical history, encompassed eleven generations.

Having grown accustomed to family histories that have limited themselves, more or less, to male descendants, we were most pleasantly surprised at the degree to which this genealogy also tracked the descendants of Upson daughters and granddaughters!

Significant collateral surnames in this family include: BARNES, BEACH, BLAKESLEE, BRONSON, CARTER, CLARK, COOK, DOWNS, FRISBIE, FULLER, GAYLORD, HALL, HART, HICKOX, HITCHCOCK, HOPKINS, HOTCHKISS, JOHNSON, JUDD, LOOMIS, MILLER, MINOR, NORTON, PECK, PHELPS, PORTER, PRESTON, RICHARDS, RICHARDSON, SCOVILLE, SMITH, SPERRY, TAYLOR, THOMPSON, WELTON, and WILLIAMS.  There were, of course, many hundreds of additional families associated by marriage with the Upsons.  To view the complete list download the index.

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