Unsolicited Testimonials

"WOW! THANK YOU! The file came through and it is wonderful...  I will treasure this one…. Thank you so very, very much.  P.S.  Format and presentation are great!"   -- Anne

"Thank you so very much for the CD...    What a lot of work!!  I was very excited to receive it -- my own copy at last!"   -- Denise

"I received my CD this afternoon...  Found my family in Surry Book... Looking forward to more reading this week end...  Hope you continue with this and get lots of different books on your for sale list... Thanks again."   -- Marvin

"I prefer the CD as I have too many musty old books now."  -- Elizabeth

"The "find" feature for books on CD sure is handy.  I'm really glad I didn't win that eBay auction!"  -- Barbara

"Have to say that this is certainly an easier way to go.  Pictures transfer well.  I can find who I'm looking for easily.  And it's far less expensive than the copy of a copy of Higginson.  My order was filled in 5 days instead of months from Higginson. I strongly recommend it!!"  -- Tamara

"Thank you for preparing something on CD that's hardly to be found in print now."  -- Bob

"YOU are doing a great service and I can't even imagine how much time it took you to scan the entire book."  -- Jeanne
"This digital edition is wonderful.  I have found so much more information using the search capability than I ever could have with the books."   -- Charlotte

"Already today with your CD I was able to find loads of information on the Bosworth family that I have entered into my Familytreemaker... Again, thanks so much for taking the time to capture this information in a format that is so easy to search...   I copied portions of the CD into the Notes section of my familytreemaker and referenced the work.  It is so much easier than having to type it in."   -- Paula

"I received the Bushnell family CD. This is a really incredible CD. The detail is truly amazing."  -- Paul

"I purhcased the Digital Edition of the Bushnell Family Genealogy from Richard Bingham, a member of our web page. . .  It is wonderful.  I had a photocopy of a very difficult bad original of this work that was impossible to read.  This CD is wonderful."  -- Claudia

"Richard did a good job organizing and copying the original Bushnell Genealogy.  My grandpa contributed to this book and we had an original copy.  The CD is much easier to use.  No affiliation, just a happy customer."  -- Mike

"Thankyou for your prompt service with The Cabells and Their Kin CD. . .  I am very much impressed with all the work that you have obviously put into scanning the text and photos.  The pictures are particularly good and greatly enhance the production.  Your prices are reasonable and well worth it to have the text available for searching on a Word Processor, and following threads."  -- Randy
"I think what you are doing is wonderful! ... This CD is a bargain at twice the price."  -- Lea

"Rec'd [the Duvall] CD in good order -- a great investment it would appear. Thank you! . . .  The disjointed nature of the original work makes this  reprint quite valuable, imo."  -- Bill
"Thank you for the disc of the Erastus Bingham family.  It seems the older I get, the more value I place on geneological research.  Thanks for a great product!  I received it in great shape."  -- Kurt

"Received your "Cabells and their Kin" CD -- great to work with -- easy to cut and paste into my data base . . .  Recently purchased a first edition of "Venables of Virginia" and bought a PDF version off the web.  MISERABLE to work with!"  -- John

"I received the CD today and am tickled pink.  An 82 year old uncle has a hard copy of the original edition that was given my grandmother Gentry, but I have never been able to look at it.  It is locked away.  I thank you so much for taking the time and effort to place it on CD.  The quality is excellent. Put it on hard disk ... so the children in our family would be able to come in, sit down and read it. I am hoping to entice one of them to becoming interested in the family history."  -- William

I really appreciate the time, effort, and money that has gone into this project to make this [Bushnell] disk available. It is a treasure. -- Sarah

Glad to report that my CD of "Edward Small and Allied Families" came Friday and I have had a little time to look at it and it seems to be in very good shape and the files appear to all be complete.  I have enjoyed it so far.   Thanks for a good product. -- Maynard

Hi, got the [Bushnell] disk ... totally pleased, the book is soooo difficult to use. Thank you. -- Darcy

I received my [Loring] CD very quickly and appreciate the fast shipping.  The information on the CD has been a fantastic resource.  It's very easy to use. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.   -- Edward

     I wanted to thank you for your service.  The book I am ordering is one that I have heard of in my family since I was a child.  I have wanted to order it for some time from various publishing houses, but they charge much too much and don't guarantee the quality at all.  There are large libraries with a copy, but the closest to me is several hundred miles away.  So I am really looking forward to seeing the digital edition of The Descendants of John Perry of London.
     I know it will add to my research, as your kindly provided index to the book lists much of my family and some that look like new leads.  Again, Thank you.   -- Jane

I have one comment, it is that you are superbly efficient and I  appreciate it. -- Patti

Hello, Richard ...
     Color me delirious with delight!  The CD arrived today in perfect condition thanks to the extra special care you gave to its packaging.  I appreciate being made aware ahead of its delivery of your precautions to identify the package as safe and expected.
      I had to wait - anxiously, I might add - to open it and begin searching. But, within 15 minutes of starting to search, I found 3 ancestors whom I have been trying to identify and link together for the last 21 years! Unbelievable!!!  And more importantly than that, prove the connection between my father and mother, BEFORE they were married - a lifelong pursuit! Incredible!!!
      You obviously are providing us family history researchers with an unbelievable wealth of information, from authoritative sources.  And I, for one, don't know how to appropriately thank you enough.  So, as my mother taught me, I will nod graciously in your direction, smile warmly, and fervently say, "Thank you very much!"    -- Libby 

We recieved the [Doane and Hopkins] CD and have found it to be everything that you promised and more.  Thanks for making out of print info available.  -- Pat


Thank you so much for the CD with The Book of Dow.  I'm really impressed at how well the scan turned out and how well the hyperlinks work in the book.  I was especially impressed at how well you did with the Will on page 30 to 32 and the numerous hyperlinks into the Supplement from the main book section.  That is very helpful.

I was a bit disappointed but not surprised to read that the code references in the Index didn't scan 100% accurately and wasn't hyperlinked.  However, each of the individuals I looked up in the index had the accurate code that I could look up in the text without problems.  Using the old and musty book I'm so accustomed to using the index, but I can tell already that searching the entire text of the book is going to be much, much more valuable and useful than the index.

I usually get an inquiry or two a month from people who visit my web page and then I spend several minutes or sometimes hours looking up information for them in the book and then sending them the snippet of information for their family and telling them how to get all of the other generations out of the book and send them off to locate a copy.  I will definitely recommend that they purchase this version of the book (and I've also added it to my web page) and I get a number of hits on my website each week with people researching their Dow line and looking for that book.

Now I can't wait to get the next Dow inquiry so that I can see how fast I can find people in this book.  Receiving it was a real treat, and has been a lot of fun going through it today (on my 42nd birthday) on my new notebook computer. 

-- Steve

My second order with you.  Looking forward to delving into 2 more high quality products!  Thanks! -- Elizabeth

We received the CD yesterday; thanks for getting it shipped out so promptly!  Especially with those handy hyperlinks, it took us a remarkably short time to trace the line back to John Stone, Sr. 
-- Catrin
I have received the Cd and I am impressed. -- Dave

Thank you so much for sending the Woodson CDs.  My children are delighted to have them.  Since I do not have a computer, I go to my daughter's to see it so I have not seen all of it as yet, but have enjoyed what I have seen.  I really appreciate all your time and efforts to reproduce the book ... My children have asked me if you would be interested in putting the Curd book on CD?  -- Grace

I am ordering CDs of the Knox family for my Knox relatives as Christmas presents . . .  Many thanks for your existence!  -- Sharon

My [Duvall] CD has arrived safely.  I am so pleased to have the information and appreciate your offering it at the reasonable price. Thanks so much. -- Elizabeth

Package received and exactly what I was hoping for!  Appreciate your sevice... -- Jason

Received the CD and am so pleased to have it.  Have found all kinds of information about our family and that makes us all happy!  Thanks again. -- Phyllis

N.B. We recently (May 2007) had two customers who, not recognizing CCNOW as our credit card processor, disputed the charges on their credit card statements -- the first time this happened in nearly ten years on the net!!  When we reminded them of their order they acknowledged their mistakes, contacted their credit card carriers to cancel the disputes, and offered the following comments:

"By the way,  The product was very good and I look forward to future products from your business."  -- George


"... the Book of Dow (thanks, I love it!)" -- Susan

We couldn't ask for better customers!

This is to let you know that the CD arrived here in northern Scotland in good condition and I have been working with it already. The CD's jewel case did not survive the journey -- you may care to beef up the strength for other overseas orders, but it did its job and protected the CD itself!

I am happy with the quality of reproduction and security -- it leaves me free enough to search and copy what I need or want without being unreasonably tight or loose. If I have any problems with the text I will come back to you, but I doubt that I will ever need to.  -- Jonathan

Thank you for the Thomas Vail and Moses Vail Genealogy that you sent... It has arrived and it came out wonderful on my computer. I'm so excited.. I am in hopes that maybe you can get more of my family lines... -- Marsha

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