Genealogy of the Family of Lt. Thomas Tracy of Norwich, Conn., by Matilda O. Abbey (Milwaykee, 1888), 138 pages.  This Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © October 2009

Lt. Thomas Tracy (b. 1610) arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, 1637; relocated to Saybrook, Connecticut in 1640; and was instrumental, in 1660, in founding Norwich, Connecticut.

The genealogical history of Thomas's family in this volume opens with an account of his ancestry from the Saxon Kings of England, and continues in the opening sections with pieces of the family (through the 1880’s) that remained in England. Then follow extracts from the town records of Norwich and Preston, Connecticut, pertaining to the births, marriages, and deaths of the Tracys.

The remainder of the work focuses largely on the descendants of John Tracy (1702-1786) and Margaret Hyde, in male and female lines.  Closely related families include Waterman, Huntington, Hyde, Leffingwell, Lathrop, Gifford, Taylor, Birchard, and Bingham

The document was, according Mrs. Abbey, “Compiled from the Genealogical Works of the Hydes and Tracys by Chancellor Reuben H. Walworth, and Other Reliable Sources.”

The Digital Edition: Complete with one text file in DOC format (864 Kb), and five image files in GIF and JPG format (299 Kb).

Enhancement: Lineage-tracking hyperlinks -- especially useful in this volume, for which the author provided no rational numbering system.  Judicious format changes have been made to improve the comprehensibility of the text.  Additionally, in the absence of an index, readers of the Digital Edition will appreciate the search capabilities afforded by their word-processing software.

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