Tazewell County, Virginia

Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia, from 1800 to 1922, by John Newton Harman, Sr., (Richmond, Virginia, 1922 and 1925), two volumes, 8vo.  This Digital Edition (published on CD-ROM) © September 2008

The first volume, 444 pages, chronicles the history of the county to 1853. The second volume, 590 pages, continues the history through 1922. The work consists mainly of extracts from the official records of the County and its various towns and villages, with the exception of the following:

The first volume includes Judge Lyman Chalkley’s essay, “Before the Gates of the Wilderness Road,” originally published in the Virginia Historical Magazine (20 pages), and George W. L. Bickley’s “History of the Settlement and Indian Wars of Tazewell County, Virginia” (110 pages), originally published in 1852.

The second volume includes nearly 260 pages of “Family Genealogies” and biographical sketches. The families featured include BANDY, BARNES (with Moss, Baldwin, and Copenhaver), BOWEN, CHAPMAN, COULLING, CROCKETT, DESKINS (with Maxwell, Witten, and Fields), GILLESPIE (with Williams, Harrison, and Johnston), GOSE (with Leece and May), GRAYBEAL and GREEAR, GREEVER, HANKINS, HARMAN, HIGGINBOTHAM, HOPKINS, LAIRD, LINKOUS, LITZ, LOCKHART, MAXWELL, MARTIN, MAYS, MOORE (with St. Clair), MUSTARD, McGUIRE, PEERY, STRAS, SPARKS, WARD, WITTEN (with George), WOLFORD, YOST, and YOUNG.

Additionally within these pages there are biographical sketches of Colonel Andrew Jackson May; Samuel Cecil Graham; Joseph and Abel Hankins; Henry Sr., Elias, Daniel, and Mathais Harman; Dr. E. A. Holmes, Joseph Stras, Dr. Caleb Anderson Thompson, and Capt. A. J. Tynes.

This history was published without an index (which is not a problem for users of the Digital Edition); however, to placate the luddites among us, we have created an index for both volumes, which can be seen online.

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