The Strouds:  A Colonial Family of English Descent, by Alonzo Bibb Stroud (Lakeland, Florida, 1919).  263 pages, plus fifty-four interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © January  2001.

This volume narrates the lives of the immigrant ancestor, Barnett Stroud, and his descendants, especially the descendants of his son, John.  Five-year old Barnett came to the colonies with his foster parents about 1700, who settled in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  He married and lived with his family in New Jersey until 1742, at which time he relocated to Northampton, Pennsylvania.  He had four daughters and five sons, including Jacob, founding father of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  With two brothers and two sisters, John moved from Pennsylvania to Suffolk, Virginia.  About 1761 he relocated to Orange County, North Carolina, and after the War of the Revolution he moved again, with most of his children, to Georgia.  By 1919, most of the family recorded in this volume were residing in the Southern states, most notably Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas.

Families that figure prominently in this genealogy include, in addition to Stroud, BOLTON, GRADDICK, LAMBDIN, RUTHERFORD, and (especially) HAYGOOD and MIDDLEBROOKS.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with three text files (946 Kb) and fifty-four image files (3.9 Mb).

Enhancements:  Since the "index" of this volume is not an index at all, but a fifteen-page "table of contents," which the compiler for reasons unknown placed at the end of the volume, readers of the Digital Edition will especially appreciate the search capabilities afforded by their own word processing software.  To permit ready reference between the "table of contents" and the text, the "table of contents is published in the Digital Edition is in a separate file.  Since the compiler ignored numbering schemes, readers of the Digital Edition will also appreciate the intergenerational hyperlinks.  We have also supplied hyperlinks from text to images.

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