Spelman Genealogy: the English Ancestry and American Descendants of Richard Spelman of Middletown, Connecticut, 1700, by Frances Cooley Williams Barbour (New York, 1910).   8vo, 539 pages, with a fifty-nine page index and seventy-one interleaved  images. This Digital Edition © June 2005, is published on CD

Richard Spelman, the immigrant ancestor of this family, was born in 1674 in Danbury (Essex) England.  He emigrated to New England in 1700.  He had two wives, six sons, and one daughter.  His first son, by his first wife, died in England before 1699; his remaining children, by his second wife, Alce French, were born in America.

Richard's ancestry, as detailed in this volume (fifty-nine pages), encompasses fifteen generations, beginning in the Twelfth Century with Sir William Espileman, Lord of Brokenhurst in Hampshire and Cowsfield in Wiltshire.   Richard's descendants, through eight generations, include the noted historian, Hubert H. Bancroft, and the children and grand-children of the world's wealthiest man, John D. Rockefeller, among whom we find Nelson A. Rockefeller, the late governor of New York.

Descendants in this genealogical history are tracked in both male and female lines.  As a result, there is substantial information about the BANCROFT, BARLOW, JOHNSON, and SMITH families, and more significantly about the families of COE (Joseph Coe m. Sarah Spelman, 1785), KELLEY (Hugh Kelley m. Sarah Spelman, 1803), and ROBINSON (Capt. James Robinson m. Amy Spelman, 1753).  To see the names of all the Spelmans and the other families in this genealogy, download the on-line index.

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