Genealogy of the Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem, Mass., the Original Emigrants, and the Ancestors of the Families Who Have Since Borne His Name, by James M. Caller and Mrs. M. A. Ober (Salem, MA, 1881). vi + 609 pages of narrative with twenty-eight interleaved engravings. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © January 2002.

The Quaker Martyrs, Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, settled in Salem, Massachusetts, in or before 1639.  There they fell victim eventually to the Puritans, who jailed them, whipped them, and ultimately banished them.  They died on Shelter Island in 1660 of “privation and exposure,” while Endicott, the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, tried to sell their children into slavery.

The authors of the Southwick genealogy devote the first sixty pages or so to the persecutions suffered by the Quakers in general and the Southwicks in particular.  The remainder of the work covers the descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra, in male AND female lines, through the ninth generation.  Surnames most commonly appearing in the female lines include (among others) FARNUM, GASKILL, HARKNESS, and KEITH.

The printed volume from which we produced the Digital Edition contains the following inscription, dated 30 April 1934:  “To my son:  This is a RARE and valuable book about your own ancestors.  You descend from Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick thru their daughter Mary and her husband Henry Trask.  Keep this book for use of our own family.  If you must sell it, ask at least $50 – Justin R. Moll.”  In a search of the web (11 January 2002), we found two paper based copies for sale: a freshly rebound first edition from Marion the Antiquarian Librarian ($125) and a print-on-demand facsimile in a “generic softcover binding” with “charts and graphics that may be obscured or resized to fit pages” ($281.95).  Alternatively, you can buy the Southwick Genealogy on CD for $34 or less (including the $15 fee for media, production, packaging, shipping, insurance, and life-time technical support).

Apart from being much cheaper, Digital Edition’s all-electronic version is superior to the paper-based product in four respects:

(1)  The Southwick Genealogy has a short (thirteen-page) index. However, it lists only descendants for whom there are family group records; it does not include the names of spouses or the names of children for whom there is no further information.  Moreover, the ordering of the index is by generation, making it difficult to find a name without knowing the generation to which it belongs.  For these reasons, readers of the all-electronic CD edition will appreciate the search capabilities of their word processing software.

(2)  A numbering system in a genealogy has no value except to assist readers in tracking lineages from one generation to the next.  Numbering systems work relatively well for this purpose as long as family group records are printed in numerical order.  This, however, is not the case in the Southwick Genealogy, where family groups were printed (within each generation) in apparently random order.  Thus, readers of the Digital Edition will appreciate the tracking power of its intergenerational hyperlinks, by virtue of which numbering system are largely superfluous.

(3)  The printed volume contained three pages of “errata.”  Readers often forget to look for errata in genealogies, as a result of which, in their own work, they repeat the errors of the “first cut.”  The Digital Edition eliminates this possibility by integrating corrections in the main body of the text.

(4)  Images in Digital Editions are (with few exceptions) in full-color, high resolution JPEG format.  You can resize them, crop them, apply special effects, frame them, change their color, label them, or do anything else to them your image editing software allows.  For example, because the images of the Southwick Genealogy are so expressive, we couldn’t resist using some of them (greatly reduced in size and resolution) to create this “image bar”:

The Digital Edition: Complete, with two text files (1.9 Mb) and twenty-eight images (2.0 Mb).

Enhancements: High resolution images, with hyperlinks from the text; integenerational (lineage tracking) hyperlinks; incorporation in text of corrections specified by Caller and Ober in their errata sheets; a table of contents (not present in the original).

Price, shipping included:  $34.00 (before ordering, please see our note on prices)

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