The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia: a Genealogical History of William Smute, Boatright, of Hampton, Virginia, and Pickawaxon, Maryland, with a history of his descendants to the present generation, by Harry Wright Newman (Washington, 1936).  xv + 218 pages, including a thirteen-page index (16 pages) and eight images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © August 2001.

William Smute, progenitor of the Smoot family in America, settled in Hampton, Virginia in or a bit after 1633, having come as a member of the Boatright Guild to perform fifty days of work for Colonel Thomas Burbage.   He is first mentioned in the public records of the New World in 1642, when he received a 400 acre grant of land in York County, Virginia.  In 1646, however, he removed with most of his family to Charles County, Maryland, where he was beneficiary of several land grants.

One prolific branch of the family went to Utah with Brigham Young, but the rest of William's descendants settled mostly in the Southern states.   In the Civil War, Smoots in the Confederate Army outnumbered those of the Union Army by four to one -- and most of the Smoots in the Union Army were from "border" states -- Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri.

Among collateral families, the following are mentioned most frequently:  ANDERSON, BEAN, BINFORD, DENT, FORD, HAWKINS, KENNEDY, LEE, MCPHERSON, NEWELL, SMITH, and TERRETT.   For a complete list of persons named in the index, see the Name List.

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