Descendants of Edward Small of New England and the Allied Families with Tracings of English Ancestry, by Lora Altine Woodbury Underhill (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1910).  Three volumes, 8vo, xxxiv + 1,802 pages (including 129 pages of index) and sixty-five interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © November 2002.

Of all the products Digital Editions has published to date (November 2002), the Small family genealogy -- "Descendants of Edward Small and Allied Families" -- is indubitably the most painstakingly researched and thoroughly documented.   If it is not in the mainstream of classic "family histories," it is only because of its apparent focus on a single lineage of the Small family: Edward, Francis, Samuel, Samuel, John, Edward, Edward, and Edward Alonzo.  Nevertheless, for the siblings in each of these eight generations, and for the several generations of allied families, the compiler, Ms. Underhill, supplies us with records (normally) for at least three, and sometimes four generations of descendants.

In compiling the genealogy of Edward Small, Ms. Underhill also compiled the genealogies of several related families. Any number of these compilations could easily stand alone as separate publications; and some of them can be rated among the best available genealogical histories of their respective families.

The three volumes of the Edward Small genealogy include chapters for ancestors and descendants of:

(1) Edward SMALL of Kittery, Maine (c. 1635), 302 pages (plus most of the forty-four page addenda, containing additional information on Edward's descendants).
(2) John HEARD of Kittery, Maine (c.1635), fourteen pages.
(3) John HATCH of New Hampshire (c. 1684), ten pages.
(4) William SAWYER of Salem, now Wenham, Massachusetts (1642), twelve pages.
(5) Experience MITCHELL of Plymouth (1623), ninety pages.
(6) Francis COOKE of Plymouth (1620), forty-five pages.
(7) John JENNEY of Plymouth (1623), twenty-four pages.
(8) Robert CUSHMAN of Plymouth (1621), eighty-five pages.
(9) Isaac ALLERTON of Plymouth (1620), ninety-two pages
(10) Thomas ANDREWS of Hingham, Massachusetts (c. 1635),  twenty-one pages.
(11) Robert STETSON of Scituate, Massachusetts (1635), twenty pages.
(12) Matthew PRATT of Weymouth, Massachusetts (1623), 126 pages.
(13) Edmund CHANDLER of Duxbury, Massachusetts (1633), sixty-eight pages.
(14) Robert ROBERTS of Ipswish, Massachusetts (1635), 177 pages.
(15) MARINER of uncertain provenance, fifty pages.
(16) William DYER of uncertain provenance, 145 pages.
(17) Christopher MITCHELL of Kittery, Maine (1660), 191 pages.
(18) Roger TALBOT of Boston, Massachusetts (before 1713), eighty-two pages.
In addition to the aforementioned families, the index (click on the Name List to download it) has a large number of people with the following surnames: ALLEN, BOWDOIN, BRADBURY, DAVIS, FOGG, FROST, JORDAN, LIBBY, LORING, MERRILL, REED, ROBINSON, SEABURY, SOULE, WHITE, and WOODBURY.  Though not numerous, the TRECOTHIC family is well represented historically in this work.  The third volume contains a colored rendition of the TREGODECK (Threcothic) arms.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with five text files (5.5 Mb), seventy image files in GIF format (1.7 Mb) and sixty-four images in JPEG format (13.6 Mb).  The GIF images include four pages of newspaper clippings (obituary notices and the like) collected by a previous owner; facsimiles of authographs and marks; and a Tregodeck descendancy chart.  The high-resolution JPEG images are of people, places, and things intimately connected to the history of the Small and related families.

Enhancements:  Improved formatting; lineage-tracking hyperlinks; and hyperlinks from text to images.  Additionally, the narrative text of the three volumes has been consolidated in a single file to facilitate key word searches by machine.  The tables of contents and lists of illustrations have also been consolidated and placed at the head of this narrative text file.  The "Addenda" and the "Appendices" from the third volume (about 150 pages in all) are in separate files to facilitate side-by-side viewing with the narrative text file.  The editors of the Digital Edition have inserted notices in the narrative text file to indicate the presence of additional information in the Addenda file. The two indexes (names and places) are also in separate files, again to facilitate side-by-side viewing either between the two, or with the narrative text, addenda, and appendices files.  The editors have included four GIF files containing images of pertinent newspaper clippings - mostly obituaries of Small family members.  Most of these clipping are, unfortunately, not identified as to source or date of publication.

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