History of the Slayton Family: Biographical and Genealogical, by Asa W. Slayton (Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1898), 8vo, 310 pages, including a thirteen-page index and approximately sixty plates. The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 2007.

This genealogy of the Slayton family is the history of Thomas Slayton (b. 1686) and his descendants, primarily in the male line, through nine generations. Thomas emigrated to America and settled in Weston, Massachusetts, in the first decade of the eighteenth century.

By 1760, all Slaytons were living in one family of ten persons in the town of Brookfield, Massachusetts. By 1898, they were living in thirty-five states and two territories of the United States, in Mexico, and in British Columbia. In most of these states they were among the earliest settlers, and were the first in several of the towns and counties.

A descendant wrote (2000 A.D., Rootsweb’s Slayton Surname List): “The best source of genealogical information about the ‘Northern’ Slayton families, tracing back to Thomas of Massachusetts, remains Asa Walker Slayton’s ‘Slayton Family History and Genealogy’ … This book is a gold mine of information and can be read with enjoyment from cover to cover.”

Population: nearly 1,400 Slaytons and 800 spouses with other surnames.  These people are all listed in the on-line index.

The author’s wry sense of humor is apparent throughout the text and is clearly evident in his ten-page (on-line) “statistical analysis.”

The Digital Edition:  Three files in DOC format (1.5 Mb) and sixty-nine high-resolution images in JPG and GIF formats (14.2 Mb).

Enhancements: Lineage-tracking hyperlinks, hyperlinks to high-resolution images, improved format, and alphabetized index.

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