Materials for a History of the Sessions Family in America: Descendants of Alexander Sessions of Andover, Mass., 1669, by Francis C. Sessions (Albany, New York, 1890).  8vo, 252 pages of text with 20 images, about ten of which are interleaved. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © October 2003.

Though this genealogical history contains the essence of a traditional genealogy, it is not so structured.  It opens with "extracts from records" (mostly probate records of Essex County, Massachusetts), followed by nearly 100 pages of letters about the Sessions family, ranging in date from 1838 to 1888.  Another fifty pages or so supply histories of family groups, typically through three or four generations, with biographies of prominent members.  A seventy-page appendix contains eight very useful descendancy charts, additional correspondence (through 1890), reminiscences of some of the old-timers, and additional biographies.  The volume ends with a three-page table of contents, and a four-page index (which lists only persons with the Sessions surname).  For the convience of our customers, there is an on-line copy of this very abbreviated name list.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with one text file (410 Kb) and twenty image files (5.4 Mb).

Enhancements: Errata incorporated in the text as specified by the compiler; genealogical tables published as image files separately from the text file to facilitate concurrent viewing; hyperlinks from text to images.   In the absence of an all-name index, readers of the Digital Edition will appreciate the search capabilities of their word-processing software.

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