The Reads and their Relatives, Being an Account of Colonel Clement and Madam Read of Bushy Forest, Lunenburg County, Virginia, their Eight Children, their Descendants, and Allied Families, by Alice Read Rouse (Cincinnati, 1930),  xii and 688 pages of narrative, with 38 pages of index, and thirteen interleaved images.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © November 2004.

This genealogical history of the aristocratic Read family of Virginia contains nine chapters -- (1) Tidewater Reads (14 pages); (2) Col. Clement Read and Madam Mary (Hill) Read of "Bushy Forest" (73 pages); (3) Mary Read and Col. Thomas Nash (42 pages); (4) Margaret Read and Col. Paul Carrington of "Mulberry Hill" (143 pages); (5) Col. Clement Read, Jr. of "Ash Camp" and Mary Nash (58 pages); (6) Col. Isaac Read of "Greenfield" and Sarah Embra (231 pages); (7) Col. Thomas Read of "Ingleside" and Elizabeth Nash (13 pages); (8) Anne Read (30 pages); and (9) Capt. Jonathan Read of "Bushy Forest" and Jane Lewis (66 pages).

This history of the Read family of Virginia seems reasonably well documented, but the editor of the Digital Edition was particuarly impressed with (surprised by?) the forthright language of the author (Alice Read Rouse) as reflected in the following excerpts:

"She was a horrid old lady, known in the family as 'Old Aunt Womack,' of a singular hideousness, a vicious temper and a burning religiosity. ... She married a fat and harmless gentleman and they had four children… "

"He left a number of descendants, some of whom have of late been making themselves and their good inherited names notorious, in New York and Chicago, by sensational rows among themselves, the unsavoury details being much featured in the yellow newssheets."

"He was one of the wild asses of the family. Six feet one, dark, splendidly built and theatrically handsome, of superb physique and indestructible health, small mentality and an utter amorality, he had undeniable charm as a young man, and in spite of his lack of education, he had a certain success in a business way."

" ... a tall, beautiful youth of great promise, who was killed in an automobile accident the day after his sixteenth birthday, having sacrificed his life to save that of an imbecile negro who ran out into the road before his car."

Allied families of prominence in this genealogy include: ANDERSON, BARKSDALE, BOULDIN, CABELL, CAMERON, CARRINGTON, EDMUNDS, ELLIOTT, FLOURNOY, GREEN, HARRISON, JOHNSON, LEWIS, MORTON, NASH, SCOTT, SMITH, TAYLOR, VENABLE, and WATKINS.  The index of the volume is online for your perusal.

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