Historical Outline of the Ransom Family of America and Genealogical Record of the Colchester, Conn., Branch, by Wyllys C. Ransom (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1903).  8vo, 408 pages with thirty-nine interleaved portraits. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © August 2002.

W. C. Ransom opens this genealogy with a seventy-page essay entitled "Historical Outline of the Origin and Ancestry of the Ransom Family in America."  These pages are devoted to progenitors of several branches of the Ransom family -- Robert of Plymouth; John of Kent, Joshua of Plymouth, and Matthew of Saybrook (Robert's sons); Joseph of Lyme (Matthew's son); Robert of Colchester (Joshua's son); and Peter of Virginia.  The essay ends with records of the Ransoms from Connecticut and Massachusetts who served in the War of the Revolution.

The remainder (lion's share) of the volume focuses on descendants of Robert of Plymouth -- more particularly, those of his son Joshua -- through the eight generation.  In addition to the Gifford family, for whom there is considerable information on account of Joshua's marriage to Mary Gifford, collateral families of significance include ALLEN, BAKER, BARBER, BARDWELL, BLAKESLEE, CAHILL, CLARK, DICKINSON, DUNNING, HALL, HARVEY, LUTHER, MARSH, SMITH, SPAFFORD, SPENCER, TALCOTT, and WHITNEY.   To view all the names in the index, download the name list.

The good news about the index is that it associates each individual  with the name of his or her spouse.  The bad news is that it is not comprehensive: it indexes only married individuals, or (more exactly) only individuals for whom the compiler had evidence of marriage.  Thus, readers of the Digital Edition will appreciate the search capabilities of their word processing software.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with Two text files (1.6 Mb) and thirty-nine high-resolution images (2.1 Mb).

Enhancements: Improved format and navigation aids. The lineage-tracking hyperlinks are especially helpful in this volume, in which the family records are not always in numerical order.  Additionally, the text has been corrected to incorporate the compiler's errata.

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