Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, by William Wade Hinshaw.

The Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy is a meticulous, painstaking compilation of all the data of genealogical value contained the records of Quaker Monthly Meetings associated with the Yearly Meetings of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.

This compilation, published in six huge volumes between 1936 and 1950, is of tremendous importance to genealogists partly because, before 1850, the births, deaths, and marriages of Quakers were rarely recorded anywhere else but in the records of the Monthly Meetings, and partly because these records were more carefully kept than almost any other class of records, secular or religious.

As Hinshaw said, in the Preface of the first volume:

“While some other religious bodies have kept quite good records of their early members, I believe that the Society of Friends form the only large body of Americans which has kept such meticulous records of its members that perfect and continuous genealogical lineage charts can be made from them. … It is my belief that fully fifty percent of all American families now living and whose ancestors have lived in America since early days have some ancestral Quaker connections. These are fortunate in that, although they are not likely to be able to establish their lines of descent through other channels, they can authoritatively establish their genealogical ancestral descent insofar as it connects with the Quakers.”
In addition to vital statistics, the compilation contains extracts from monthly business meetings, including certificates of dismissal and acceptance of certificates (documenting the movement of members between Monthly Meetings and disciplinary actions for such things as marriage out of the faith, military activities, and slave-holding). These are the kinds of things that add flesh to the bones of our ancestors.

Volume I: Containing Every Item of Genealogical Value Found in all Records and Minutes of
the Thirty-three Oldest Monthly Meetings Which Belong, or Ever Belonged, to the North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1936), 4to, xvi + 1185 pages, including a twenty-one page index.  The Digital Editions, published on CD-ROM, © December 2007

The Monthly Meetings represented in this volume were in North Carolina (24), South Carolina (4), eastern Tennessee (3), northern Georgia (1) and southern Virginia (1). A list of the Monthly Meetings and the Surname index can be viewed on-line.  Of the more than 1,200 surnames in this volume, those that appear most frequently are: ALBERTSON, ALLEN, ANDERSON, BARKER, BEALS, BEESON, BROWN, BUNDY, CARTER, CLARK, COFFIN, COOK, COPELAND, COX, DAVIS (DAVIES), ELLIOTT, FARLOW, FRAZIER, HAWORTH (HAYWORTH), HIATT, HILL, HINSHAW, HOCKETT, HUNT, JESSUP, JOHNSON, JONES, LAMB, MARSHALL, MENDENHALL, MILLS, MOORE, MORRIS, NEWBY, NIXON, OSBORN, OVERMAN, PARKER, PEARSON, PEELE, PERKINS, PIERCE, SANDERS, SMITH, THOMAS, THORNBURG, VESTAL, WHITE, WILLIAMS, WILSON, WINSLOW, and WRIGHT.

The records preserved in this volume date from 1680 to the early 1930s

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