(Richard Bingham)

My Grandfather (the kid on
the bike) with his family
at the old homestead,
Bingham County,
Idaho, 1905.


     Mom at seventeen...
     The Blushing Bride

Dad and Nipper about 1948 Bingham County
Sheriff's Posse


The Publisher . . .

at six
at sixteen
at thirty-six 


 . . . His Family

Number One Daughter at Six . . .


Number One (and only) Wife with her 
 Colleagues in Mali, West Africa, 1983 

The Publisher with Number One Daughter in Santiago, Chile, January 17, 1990, at the outbreak of the Hundred Hour War.
The Publisher is a graduate of Columbia University (A.B., 1965), the University of Minnesota (M.A., 1967), and the University of Illinois, Chicago (Ph.D. in History, 1972). Having taught history several years at the Universities of Minnesota, Illinois, and Saskatchewan, and Wheaton College (Massachusetts), he served for twenty-four years as Historian and Archivist for the U.S. Army at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, a position from which he retired in 2003.  He is now working full time (when not napping) on the production and distribution of genealogies.

Number One Daughter and her children at the beach near the Publisher's cottage on Jekyll Island, Georgia,  May, 2007.

The cottage is available for vacation rental throughout the year. For a description, pics, prices, and availability, click here.  As a fellow genealogist, you'll get a fifteen percent discount if you book directly through the publisher (rather than the agent).

Telephone: 1.800.496.0877 

Some Jekyll Island Adventures:

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