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Thanks to Digital Editions, you can now own classic genealogies and family histories that have been out of print for decades and are otherwise available, if at all, only from antique book sellers at very inflated prices or in poorly reproduced, expensive "xerox" versions.

Digital Editions are exact electronic copies. Sometimes, formatting has been changed to improve readability, but the pagination of the original has been preserved (in most cases) and all images (portraits, crests, charts, etc.) are included (except as noted in the product descriptions).

A digital (electronic) edition has distinct advantages over a facsimile edition or its hard-copy equivalent -- not the least of which is the ability to transport text and images into your own database or family history. You can also search electronic files by key word using your word processing software.  This feature is especially valuable for volumes that have not been indexed. Electronic editions are also more legible than their hard-copy sources.

Digital Editions are delivered by first class mail  on Compact Disk.  Text files are in Word (DOC) format; image files are in JPEG and/or GIF format.  Each disk holds any number of volumes, up to 540 Mb.

CD System requirements:  CDs from Digital Editions work with all the major operating systems  -- Windows, DOS, LINUX, and MAC.   You will need an image viewer that can handle files in JPEG and GIF formats.  You wil also need word processing software that can handle large files in DOC Format -- this includes most commonly used current and recent word processing software, e.g., Word for Windows (v. 97 or newer), Word for Macintosh, Word Perfect (v. 6 or newer), Appleworks (v. 6.1 or newer), and iPage.  If you have trouble loading and viewing our text files, we recommend that you install and use Word Viewer 2003, a copy of which is included on each CD.

Guarantee: CDs from Digital Editions are tested before they are shipped and will function as intended in any properly configured computer.  If a CD is damaged in shipping, it will be replaced promptly upon its return.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on any CD, nor do we guarantee that your equipment (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, computer, or software) is functioning properly.  In the event your equipment does not recognize a functional Digital Editions CD, we will send you the files contained therein as an attachment to an email.

In addition to being much less expensive, Digital Editions are vastly superior to their printed equivalent. To find out why, click here.

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