Pioneers of Massachusetts

The Pioneers of Massachusetts, a Descriptive List Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents, by Charles Henry Pope, Boston, 1900,  8vo., 550 pages, including a list of "authorities quoted," an index of places outside Massachusetts, a list of "gentle" pioneers, a list of "pioneers towns" (with primitive names), and a cross-index (index of names associated with the pioneers). Digital Edition on CD-ROM © June 2003.

Having mined Savage's Genealogical Dictionary for information about our ancestors, with most pleasing results, we were surprised to discover how much more information we found in Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts.  The latter does not supplant the former:  Pope confined his enquiry to Massachusetts, and included only those who arrived before 1650, though he carried their records (including the births and marriages of their children), in some cases, through about 1730.  In his First Settlers of New England  (the Genealogical Dictionary), Savage recorded pertinent information about everyone he found in New England before 1692 -- in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as in Massachusetts.  The information in Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts is narrower in scope, but more comprehensive, incorporating sources that were not available to Savage forty years before.

The Digital Edition: Complete with four text files (4.6 Mb).

Enhancements: Format enhancements to improve navigation and "quick links" at the head of the volume that transport you instantaneously to the approximate location (within five to seven pages) of the surname you're looking for.  Additionally, the index and list of abbreviations have been saved in separate files so that you can coveniently open them in their own windows for side-by-side viewing with the main text file.

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