A Pettingell Genealogy: Notes Concerning Those of the Name, compiled by the late John Mason Pettingell, aranged for publication by Charles Henry Pope, and edited and compared with the compiler's notes by Charles I. Pettingell (Boston, 1906) 582 pages, including thirty-four pages in three indexes, plus ten interleaved engravings.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © August 2004.

This genealogical history of the Pettingell family gives us the history of Richard Pettingell, who settled in Salem, Massachusetts before 1641, and eleven generations of his descendants; Nathaniel Pettingell of Andover, Massachusetts, 1720, and eight generations of his descendants; and Samuel Pettingell of Tryone, New York (killed in the battle of Oriskany, 1777), and six generations of his descendants.

The three indexes include (1) all the family names in the book, other than Pettingell (given names are not given), (2) the given names of all the Pettingells, including variant spellings (Pattengall, Pattengale, Pattingale, Pettingall, Pettengell, Pattengill, Pattingale, Pettengall, Pattingel, and Pettingill); and (3) places, unfortunately organized by the name of the locality, rather than the name of the state).

Among collateral families the following appear most frequently in the index:  ADAMS, ALLEN, BARTLETT, BROWN, CHASE, CLARK, COFFIN, CURRIER, DAVIS, FOSTER, GOODWIN, GREENLEAF, HALL, JOHNSON, KNIGHT, LITTLE, MERRILL, MORSE, NICHOLS, NOYES, PERKINS, PIERCE, REED, ROBINSON, ROGERS, SAWYER, SMITH, STEVENS, STICKNEY, TAYLOR, THOMPSON, WEBSTER, and WILLIAMS.  The entire index, incluing the index of Pettingells and the Index of Places, is availabe on-line.

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