An Incomplete History of the Descendants of John Perry of London, 1604-1954, by Bertram Adams (Salt Lake, 1955). 4to, xvi + 738 pages of text (eighty-two pages of index) with twenty-one images, printed (front to back) on five interleaved pages. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © April 2003.

The lion's share of this Perry genealogy focuses on the descendants, male and female, of John (son of John Perry, Rector of Farnborough, Hampshire, England), who emigrated with his family to the New World (Watertown, Massachusetts) in or about 1666.  Of John's three grandsons - John, Josiah, and Joseph - the least prolific seems to have been Joseph, whose descendants occupy barely six pages of this magisterial work.  Josiah's descendants account for another seventy-seven.  The descendants of John (the fourth) fill 536 pages.  Of these, many - descendants of John's great-grandson, Gustavus Adolphus - wound up in Utah and Idaho.  The latter includes Philo T. Farnsworth, famed for his contribution to the development of television.

Descendants of John Perry also contains short genealogical accounts on the descendants of William Perry (who was possibly John's brother), John Perry of Roxbury, and Ezra Perry, as well as a list of "Perrys in the Early Records of the Thirteen Colonies."  Prominent related families include ADAMS, ANDERSON, BIRD, BROWN, DAVIS, FREEMAN, HANSEN, HIGBEE, HOLT, JENSEN, JOHNSON, JONES, LARSEN, MILLER, NELSON, OLSON, PACKER, PARKER, PETERSON, SMITH (of course), SORENSON, TIPPETS (Tippetts, Tibbetts), and WALKER.  To view the entire index, download the Name List.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with three text files (3.9 Mb) and twenty-one image files (1.7 Mb).

Enhancements:  Lineage-tracking hyperlinks, hyperlinks from text to images, a small addenda file containing additional information gleaned from other sources.

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