The Paynes of Virginia, by Col. Brooke Payne, USA (Ret), Richmond, Virginia, 1937.  This CD contains all 529 pages of the original printed edition, plus an improved, three-part index of 146 pages.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © February 2004.

This genealogy of the Payne family presents the history of John and Margaret Payne and their descendants through eleven generations, in male and female lines.  John and Margaret settled in old Rappahannock (Lancaster) County as early as 1653.
In its organization, the volume divides John's descendants among four groups, based mostly on geography.

The first group includes the immigrant ancestor and his son Richard, whose descendants wound up in Westmoreland, Fauquier, and Culpeper Counties.  One of the Westmoreland families went to Washington County, Kentucky, in the early nineteenth century, and some Paynes of Culpeper eventually migrated to Mississippi and Alabama.  Representatives of this group include Captain William Payne of Clifton ("Captain Pepper"); Reverend John Payne, Bishop of Liberia (Africa); and General William H. Payne of Warrenton, Virginia.

The second group consists of John's son, William Payne of Westmoreland County, Virginia, and all his descendants.  His only surviving son moved to Fairfax County, Virginia, about 1733.  After the Revolution, all but one household of this group removed to Kentucky.  Representatives include Colonel William Payne (one of George Washington's honorary pall-bearers); General John Payne; and Major Devall Payne of the War of 1812.

The third group consists of John's youngest son, George of Richmond County, and all his descendants, who are identified in turn with Richmond, King George, Fauquier, Orange, and Bath Counties.  Representative members include Judge John Barton Payne, Chairman of the American Red Cross, and Dr. Marshall J. Payne of Staunton, Virginia.

The fourth group features William's son William (John's grandson) and his descendants.  This group is largely associated (in the early years) with Lancaster and Northumberland Counties, but later generations spread widely throughout the United States.  In addition to the prominent pre-Revolutionary Paynes of Lancaster County, representatives include Captain William Payne of London, England, and Captain Nicholas Payne of Spotsylvania County.

The Paynes of Rappahannock clearly ranked as members of the Virginia aristocracy in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  They had close ties by marriage to the Washingtons, Fairfaxes, Quesenberrys, Wirts, Wests, and Lewises.  Among the seven thousand names in the index, apart from Payne, the following surnames appear most frequently:  BALL, BRENT, BROWN, CARTER, CURTIS, FANT, GREEN, HARRISON, JAMES, JENNINGS, JOHNSON, JONES, KELLY, LUNSFORD, MEREDITH, MOORE, QUESENBERRY, ROBINSON, SCOTT, SMITH, STONE, WASHINGTON, and WEST.   To view all seven thousand names, you can download the Name List (i.e., the index).

The Digital Edition:  Complete with two text files (3.0 Mb) and one chart in GIF format (94 Kb).

Enhancements: Lineage-tracking hyperlinks always delight our customers, but they (the hyperlinks) are especially helpful in this volume because of the unusually large number and complexity of intra-familial marriages.  Additionally, ostensibly to save paper, Colonel Payne used a large variety of symbols and abbreviations, many of which were (to say the least) arcane.  Being free of cost and space constraints, we have replaced all the symbols and all but the most common abbreviations with whole words.

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