Groups of Palmer Families from Walter Palmer of Charlestown and Rehoboth, Mass., Stonington, Conn., by Emily Wilder Leavitt (Boston, 1901).  240 pages (including a twenty-two page index). Digital Edition on CD-ROM © October 2006.

Walter Palmer, English origins unknown, is first found in the colonies in 1634, when he is entered upon the records as freeman of Charlestown.  By his two wives he had twelve children, all of whom apparently had progeny.  He died in Stonington, 1661.

This record of his descendants, compiled by Leavitt, is based largely on "records gathered during nearly forty years of work by Noyes F. Palmer" of Brooklyn, New York.  These records, according to Leavitt "have been gone over by one of the most competent genealogists in the country, and in nearly every instance, his original records have been confirmed as correct." The compiler added information garnered from town, county, church and cemetery records throughout New England.

Prominent collateral families include:  BREED, BROWN, CHESBROUGH, GALLUP, HEBARD, HERRICK, HEWITT, KINSLEY, RANDALL, READ (REED), ROBINSON, STANTON, and YORK. To view the entire index, see the Name List.

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