How to Order

Prices: List prices include materials (CD and jewel case), packaging, postage (in the U.S), insurance, and technical support. For packages sent to Canada there is a $1.00 surcharge.  For anywhere else in the world there is a $3.00 surcharge.

A multi-title discount affords customers significant savings : Buy one title at full price and get $15 off every additional title on the same CD.

Since each CD is produced on demand, we can put as many DIFFERENT titles as you want on ONE CD (up to about 650 Mb).  If your order exceeds 650 Mb (which is not likely), we will put the excess on a second CD without additional charge.

To order by check:  print the order form and send it (or any reasonable facsimile), together with your check, to the address specified on the form.  If you can't print the form, worry not: just jot us a note indicating your wishes.

To order by credit card:  Within the description of the item you wish to purchase, click on the "Order by credit card" link.  This will allow you to add the desired item to your "shopping cart" and return you to the Digital Editions home page.  You can then add additional items to your CD, if you wish, by clicking on the "Order by Credit Card" link in other item descriptions.  When you have filled your "shopping cart," click on any "View shopping cart and check out" link to conclude the transaction.   Please note: On orders by credit card, the "shopping cart" will not show the multi-title discounts. Digital Editions will apply the discounts when filling your order.

Whether you order by credit card or by check, you can be sure of getting the same high quality, responsive service -- we normally ship products within twenty-four hours, and if you give us your e-mail address, we'll confirm the shipment.

Wholesale orders: We offer a one-third discount for orders of ten or more identical CDs shipped to a single address.  The shipment includes packaging materials (a mailer for each CD) and is valid only for orders paid by check or money order.

Guarantee: CDs from Digital Editions are tested before they are shipped and will function as intended in any properly configured computer.  If a CD is damaged in shipping, it will be replaced promptly upon its return.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on any CD, nor do we guarantee that your equipment (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, computer, or software) is functioning properly.  In the event your equipment does not recognize a functional Digital Editions CD, we will send you the files contained therein as an attachment to an email.

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