Newark, New Jersey

Narratives of Newark (in New Jersey) from the Days of Its Founding (1666-1916), by David Lawrence Pierson (Newark, 1917).  8vo., xii and 387 pages, including a fifteen-page index, with 109 images (many interleaved).  This Digital Edition (published on CD-ROM) © June 2006

The fifty-seven chapters of this narrative, written by the Historian General of the Sons of the American Revolution, breathe life into the history of what soon became, and to this day remains, New Jersey's pre-eminent city. Departing from the usual topical organization of town histories, Pierson presented the history of Newark chronologically, from the arrival of the Puritans in the wilderness to the celebration of the city's 250th anniversary.  Though concise (unlike many of the other town histories we have published), and unencumbered by academic paraphernalia (footnotes, for example), Narratives of Newark is an obviously well-researched tome of immense value to both historians and genealogists.

Of the many families who resided in Newark in the first 250 years of its existence, the following figure most prominently in this history: BALL, BALDWIN, BOYDEN, BRUEN, BURNET, BURWELL, CAMP, CANFIELD (Camfield), CONDICT (Condit, Cundict, Cunditt), CRANE, DAY, DODD (Dod), FRELINGHUYSEN, HARRISON, HEDDEN, JOHNSON, KITCHELL, NICHOLS, OGDEN, PENNINGTON, PIERSON, RIGGS (Rigs), SWAINE, TICHENOR, TOMPKINS, TREAT, WARD, and WILLIAMS.  For these and all the other families mentioned, see the on-line index.

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