Loring Genealogy, Compiled from "The Chronicles or Ancestral Records" of James Spear Loring, . . . from the Manuscripts of John Arthur Loring, and from Many Other Sources, by Charles Henry Pope and Katherine Peabody Loring (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1917).  8vo, xix + 424 pages (36 pages of index), and thirty-seven interleaved images.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © March 2001

In this volume, the descendants of the immigrant (Deacon Thomas Loring, who settled in Hingham, Massachusetts, 1634), are recorded through the tenth generation, primarily in the male line.

A remarkable family.  Some of the descendants sided with the king in the War of the American Revolution, in good conscience.  Some of these loyalists removed to Canada, but at least two wound up in England, where their progeny remained, and prospered.  Some fought for the Brits in the War of 1812, and during the early years of World War I (remember this volume was published in 1917): "Several of these Lorings have stood bravely in this awful time and some have already given their lives in defence of England and humanity "

Other descendants moved to the Southern states in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, as a result of which we find Lorings fighting their cousins in the bloody battles of the Civil War.  One, on the side of the Union, achieved the rank of Major General.

Another descendant established himself in Spain, where many of his progeny remained, achieved some measure of distinction in Spain's royal government, and were elevated (by marriage and otherwise) to the ranks of the nobility.

Many were ship builders and seafaring folk, privateers among them.  Many (and not just the privateers) went to sea and never returned.

One of our favorites Lorings,  William Wallace, son of Reuben (no. 426) . . .

. . . began the life of a soldier in the campaigns against the Indians in Florida; studied law and was in practice at St. Joseph, Fla., and elected to the legislature. In the Mexican war was first a captain, then a major; lost an arm while leading a regiment of riflemen at one of the gates of the city of Mexico in 1847; succeeded Fremont as colonel of a regiment; was commissioned in 1849. Was commander of the department of Oregon awhile. Returning east he served in Indian campaigns. In 1861 he entered the Confederate army and rose to be a general, gaining much fame. After the war he was a banker in New York some time. In 1869 he went to Egypt and obtained an appointment as a 'Lewan Pasha' or brigadier-general in the army of the Khedive. In 1875 he took part in an expedition against Abyssinia, and was promoted to be 'Fereek Pasha' or major-general.
Though this genealogy does not often carry lines of the daughters beyond the first generation, there are some significant collateral families, including: BAILEY, BAKER, BRADFORD, CUSHING, GOULD, GRAY, LINCOLN, SAMPSON, SOULE, WHITE, and WHITON.  For a complete inventory, see the Name List.

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Enhancements:  Hyperlinks from text to images and intergenerational hyperlinks.  Readers of this volume will find the intergenerational hyperlinks especially helpful, inasmuch as the editors of the original were somewhat careless in numbering Thomas Loring's descendants.

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