Look-up Service

Are you thinking about buying a CD genealogy, but hesitate because you don't know if you'll find your ancestors in it?

We'll be happy to check it out for you.

Even in works that were published without indexes -- "The Stones of Surry" and the "Bosworth Genealogy," for example -- it's easy to find names, dates, places, and events using the "find" capabilities of our word processing software. That's one of the great advantages of a Digital Edition!

Just tell us whom you're looking for --

  • The name of your ancestor and his or her spouse
  • The date and place of birth and/or death (if known)
  • The names of known children
  • But please, don't make unreasonable requests. You must specify the product you want us to check, and don't ask us to look for someone unless you have a reasonable expectation that we will find him (or her).  If the product that interests you has a Name List, look at it first.  Then, we will only need to confirm that the names you've found are the names you want!

    To request a look-up, send a message to the editor

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