The Descendants of George Little, Who Came to Newbury, Massachusetts in 1640, by George Thomas Little, A.M. (Auburn, Maine: 1882).  8vo, xvi + 620 pages (including 94 pages of index) and twenty-six interleaved plates.  This Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © December 2007 by Richard Bingham

This genealogy offers a history of the Little family from George of Newbury, the immigrant ancestor, through nine generations of his descendants, in both male and female lines. Almost all the first three generations lived and died in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Through the end of the eighteenth century (i.e., ca. 1800), we rarely find the family beyond the bounds of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Within the next eighty years, the family could be found in nearly every state and territory of the Union.  Of the 6500 descendants mentioned in the compilation, nearly 3000 claimed Massachusetts and New Hampshire as their residence (about 1,500 each); 750, Maine; 500, Vermont; 400, New York; and 250, Canada.  Another thousand resided in “western states.”

The family’s leading occupation was agriculture. Of fourteen hundred heads of family whose occupations were known to the compiler, more than a third were farmers. About three hundred, were engaged in business, mechanical, or professional pursuits. One in twenty served in each of the three “learned professions”: theology, medicine, and law. Five of the family served as college presidents.

Apart from LITTLE and its variants, family names that appear most frequently in this publication are: ADAMS, ATKINSON, BAILEY, BROWN, CHASE, CLEMENT, COFFIN, EATON, EMERY, GERRISH, GILMAN, HALE, HOWE, KIMBALL, KNIGHT, MERRILL, MOODY, MOORE, MORSE, NOYES, POOR(E), READ, SAWYER, SHURTLEFF, SMITH, STEVENS, TENNEY, THURLOW, TOPPAN, and WEBSTER.  The indexes of the volume (containing personal, place, and subject names in DOC format) are on line

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