Christopher Levett of York, the Pioneer Colonist in Casco Bay, by James Phinney Baxter (Portland, Maine, 1893).  160 pages (including a nine-page index (on-line), to which is appended a list of members of the Gorges Society, 1893 (six pages).

Levett came  to New England in 1623 to establish new settlements along the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts. His primary goal was to create the third of England's Royal Colonies in the New World --  a city he would call York. He traveled up the coast from Massachusetts to New Brunswick, discovering, along the way, the Saco and Nonesuch rivers and land that would later become the city of Portland, Maine. He built the first house in the Casco Bay region, then returned to England to recruit additional colonists.  In this latter effort, he failed, but before returning to Casco Bay, in 1629, he wrote and published the account of his first voyage.  Having spent approximately two additional years in the New World, Levett died and was buried at sea during the return trip to England.

In addition to the complete text of “A Voyage into New England” this publication contains Baxter’s account of Levett life and family (80 pages) and a transcript of Robert More's will (11 pages). More was  Levett’s father-in-law.

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