The Leffingwell Record, 1637-1897: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell, One of the Founders of Norwich, Conn., by Albert Leffingwell, M. D., and Charles Wesley Leffingwell, D.D. (Aurora, New York: Leffingwell Publishing Company, 1897).  vi + 256 pages, with index (34 pages) and thirty-six images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © June 2001.

Thomas, progenitor of the Leffingwells in America, is said to have made his first appearance on these shores in 1637 -- a lone hunter in the forests of Connecticut, but friend of Uncas, chief of the Mohegans.  By his wife Mary (said by one family tradition to have been a daughter of Uncas), he sired five sons and two daughters, the first born in 1648.  Two of the sons, Jonathan and Joseph, disappeared without trace, as a result of which the Leffingwells of record through the ninth generation (as of 1897) were all descendants of Thomas, Jr., Nathaniel, and Samuel.

Rev. E. B. Huntington compiled much of the Leffingwell Record between the end of the Civil War and his untimely death "by apoplexy"  in 1877.  Albert and Charles W. Leffingwell discovered Huntington's manuscript some years later, brought it up to date, and rewrote it to reflect current professional standards.  The volume opens with an eight-page essay on "Our English Ancestry" -- based primarily on Mr. Huntington's invesigations -- and an eighteen-page essay on the life of Lt. Thomas.  It proceeds with the life stories and vital records of the next seven generations, and ends with observations of the compilers in a short chapter entitled "Some Genealogical Notes."

In addition to the Leffingwell history, this volume has substantial information about closely allied families, including, most notably, ALLEN, BARTLETT, BUSHNELL, HUNTINGTON, LATHROP, and  TRACY -- all of whom figured prominently in the settlement of Norwich and Eastern Connecticut.  To view all three indexes of the Record, download the Name List.

The Digital Edition:  Complete, with three text files (1.0 Mb) and thirty-eight images (1.3 Mb).  Please buy this volume for the text, not for the images.  Although images are included, and most of them are satisfactory, the originals from which they came are not of the quality Digital Edition customers have grown to expect.

Enhancements: Intergenerational Hyperlinks and hyperlinks to images.  The Digital Edition also includes an addendum containing marginal notes of unknown origin found in the printed volume as well as additions and corrections submitted by readers.

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