The Knox Family: A Genealogical and Biographical Sketch of the Descendants of John Knox of Rowan County, North Carolina, and Other Knoxes, by Hattie S. Goodman (Richmond, VA, 1905).  266 pages of narrative and and twenty-nine interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 2001.

This work focuses primarily on the Scoth-Irish immigrants, John and Jean (Gracy) Knox, and the descendants of their eight children through the eighth generation, in both the male and female lines.

John Knox a native of Scotland, emigrated first to Ireland, then (about 1740) to America, ultimately landing in Rowan County, where he and his family were among the earliest settlers.  His descendants were prominent in the War of the Revolution (mostly on the side of the rebels) and the Civil War (again, mostly on the side of the rebels).  Notable descendants include the eleventh President of the United States, James K. (for Knox) Polk.  Goodman, the compiler, devoted devoted a least a dozen pages of her work to Polk and his secretary, including a delightful five page essay on "Children of the White House," featuring off-spring of Col. J. Knox.

In addition to POLK, significant family names in this genealogy include (among others) BARR, BORDERS, BRANDON, GOODMAN, McCORKLE, McKAMY, NIBLOCK, PHIFER, UHL, and WOOD

There are also chapters on "Origin of the Name Knox" with extracts from early books and manuscripts; John Knox, the Reformer (whose relationship to John Knox the immigrant is not proven); and "Notes on the Family of Knox from Scottish Registers."

The Digital Edition:  Complete, with two text files (1.0 Mb) and thirty images (2.5 Mb).

Enhancements: With judicious and consistent use of tab stops, formatting in this Digital Edition of the Knox genealogy has largely eliminated the confusion and navigation difficulties researchers have encountered in the printed version.  Because Goodman's three-page index is of limited value, users of the Digital Edition will especially appreciate the ability to find text (names, places, etc) using the search routines of their word processing software.  They will also appreciate the added navigational benefits of generation-skipping hyperlinks and hyperlinks to images.   The images of the Digital Edition are (surprisingly) much better than those of the original, from which they were scanned.

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