A Genealogy of the Kidder Family, Comprising the Descendants of Ensign James Kidder, 1626-1676, of Cambridge and Billerica in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, by Morgan Hewitt Stafford (Rutland, Vermont, 1941) .  8vo, 750 + xxxiii pages and thirteen interleaved images, with 200 pages in five indexes.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © February 2001

James Kidder of Sussex, England, is said to have arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1649, shortly before his marriage to Anna Moore (daughter of Francis and Katherine Moore), by whom he had three daughters and nine sons.   James was, according to the compiler of his genealogy, "the progenitor of practically all persons in the United States who bear his surname."

Morgan Hewitt Stafford, a member of the "New England Historic Genealogical Society" (Boston) and "The Society of Genealogists" (London), began his account of the Kidder family with short essays on the Kidder family in England, the Kidder coat of arms (including a full-page, full-color image), the Kidder surname, and a "statistical analysis" of James' descendants through the first four generations.   He wrote ten pages on "James the Immigrant" and 540 pages on James' descendants, through the tenth generation (to about 1938).

Apart from families with common surnames (Smith, Brown, etc.), collateral families tha figure most prominently in this genealogy include ABBOT, ADAMS, CLARK, CUMMINGS, CURTIS, DANA, DAVIS, FRENCH, FULLER, LIVERMORE, MARTIN, MOORE, MORSE, NICHOLS, PARKER, PERRY, RICHARDSON, SPAULDING, STONE, TAYLOR, THOMSPON, WHITE, and WILLIAMS.  For a complete list, see the Name List.  Though members of the family (as was true with most early immigrants) eventually settled in most of the fifty states, the largest concentrations (through 1938) were in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and New York.  There were large  numbers as well in Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

With Digital Editions, indexes are normally either redundant or irrelevant.  Indexes of the Kidder genealogy are, however, extraordinary.  The Kidder wifes are listed under both their maiden and married names (in the latter, with maiden names in parenthesis).  There's an index of places, which can be very useful if you are looking for a Kidder with a common name (Mary, for example).  There is an index of Kidders who served in the military (grouped by war).  And there is a subject index that is particularly useful in identifying Kidders associated with various occupations or events.

The Digital Edition: Complete with six text files (4.1 Mb) and thirteen image files (1.5 Mb).

Enhancements: More than 3,000 intergenerational hyperlinks, and hyperlinks from text to images.  Errata have been incorporated in the text, as specified by the author.  The indexes are published apart from the narrative in five separate files, to make cross-referencing easier.

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