Old Kent, Maryland

Old Kent: the Eastern Shore of Maryland , Notes Illustrative of the Most Ancient Records of Kent County, Maryland, and of the Towns of St. Pauls, Shrewsbury, and I. U., and Genealogical Histories of Old and Distinguished Families of Maryland, and Their Connections by Marriage, etc., by George A. Hanson (Baltimore, 1876)  8vo., 383 pages, plus an index of xxxvi pages and seven interleaved images.  The Digital Edition © on CD-ROM June 2005.

Hanson provided perhaps the best description of this volume in his preface:

THE early records of Kent County, Maryland, which contain the only memorials extant of many of the first settlers of the Eastern Shore, are time-worn, moulder-ing, falling to pieces, and in a few years will become illegible, decay, and be lost. Upon their faded and perishing pages are chronicled some of the acts and doings of good men who have gone before us—whose graves are unknown—whose tombstones have disap-peared—and whose names arc forgotten, or are no longer mentioned among men.

To rescue from oblivion, to perpetuate a knowledge of these memorials, and to preserve a memento of our fathers—to whom, under Providence, we are indebted for the blessing of life, for all that we partake of on Earth and may enjoy in Heaven—was the motive which inspired the preparation of these pages, and which, though not contemplated when the foundation was laid, has naturally, at the request of others, led to the publication of this volume. ,

To clothe with interest the dryasdust and barren details of trivial and ordinary affairs, I have endeavoured—with the light afforded by ancient Tombstones, Wills, Parish Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths, and the assistance of friends and their family annals—to connect, genealogically, the first settlers with their children—the present generation—and to weave, as it were, a living garland around the crumb-ling monuments of the dead.

Many of the genealogies are founded, exclusively, upon public Records, Wills and Parish Registers of unquestionable authority; though they arc, in some instances, widely at variance with venerable and long cherished traditions. Others are drawn out from private sources, which are received as authentic by the respective families.

Old Kent lays claim to being the earliest settlement with the oldest organized government in Maryland, preceding the settlement at St. Marys and before the grant from Charles I to Lord Baltimore.  The settlement encompassed the entire Eastern Shore – the present-day counties of Kent, Talbot (1661), Somerset (1666), Cecil (1674), Dorchester (1669), Queen Anne’s (1706), Worchester (1742), and Caroline (1773)

The families for whom Hanson provided genealogies include, most notably:  Barraud, Black, Blay, Brent, Brice, Briscoe, Brogden, Carroll, Chamberlaine, Clayton, Comegys, Constable, Contee, Cummins, Cutt, Earle, Fisher, Francis, Frisby, Gale, Goldsborough, Gordon, Groome, Hall, Hanson, Hemsley, Hepbron, Hodges, Hollyday, Houston, Howard, Hynson, Jenifer, Johnson, Jones, Kerr, Knox, Lawson, Lewin, Lloyd, Lowe, Marshall, Means, Mears, Mercer, Merritt, Mitchell, Murray, Muschett, Ogle, Peale, Pearce, Perkins, Polk, Potts, Preston, Rasin, Reyner, Ricaud, Ringgold, Robertson, Roseberry, Ross, Schley, Shippen, Spence, Spencer, Stavely, Steuart, Stevenson, Stone, Teackle, Thomas, Tilden (Tylden), Tilghman, Turbutt, Veazey, Vickers, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Wethered, Wickes, Wilmer, Wilson, Worrell, and Wroth. For other families chronicled see the online index.

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