Versatile Images

This page illustrates some of the things that can be done with Digital Edition images.

This is an image from the Bosworth Genealogy, opposite page 7.  I can't control how it looks on your monitor, but on my monitor it is of the size and quality of the Digital Edition reproduction.  It has a resolution of 144 pixels per inch.  In the images below, I've illustrated a few of the things that can be done with it.  I've used  PhotoImpact by Ulead, but you can do everything I've done below with most image editors.  If you want to experiment, copy this image to a file (using the right button of your mouse), and have fun!


I've decided that the picture is 
too large for my purposes, 
so I have cropped it.
Maybe I'll want to publish it with 
a "watercolor" effect.

The picture was still too large, and since I wanted to publish it on my webpage, I needed to resize it and decrease the resolution, from 144 pixels to 72 pixels. I didn't like the sepia tone of the original, so I "balanced" the color to produce a "black and white" version. Or, maybe I'd like something with a bluish tint. Or orange. . .  A little discordant, perhaps, but it might work well with some background colors.

Maybe sepia wasn't so bad
after all.   Perhaps I just 
needed to adjust the "gamma."

I suppose I might have tried erasing the moustache, but I'm not quite that talented (or patient) yet!

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