The Huntington Family in America: A Genealogical Memoir of the Known Descendants of Simon Huntington from 1633 to 1915, Including Those Who Have Retained the Family Name, and Many Bearing Other Surnames. Published by the Huntington Family Association in Hartford, Connecticut, 1915. 4to. 1,206 pages including 138 pages of index.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © November 1999

Margaret Baret Huntington arrived with her children in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1633, her husband, Simon, having died "by the way of the small pox." Margaret married Thomas Stoughton in 1635 or 1636 and moved with him to Windsor, Connecticut, together with her children -- four sons and one daughter. The Huntington Family in America chronicles the descendants of the four sons typically through eight (and sometimes nine) additional generations.

If we were asked to devise a subtitle for this magisterial genealogy, we would use the phrase, "Pioneers, Patriots, and Preachers." This remarkable family included a signer of the Declaration of Independence (Samuel), who also served as President of the first Continental Congress, and several hundred other Huntingtons fought in the Revolution, mostly on the side of the rebels. In addition to patriotism, the family seems to have had a strong predilection for religion. An unusually large percentage of Simon's descendants became ministers in one denomination or another, and several gave up promising careers as lawyers and doctors to take up the cloth. The compilers, for their part, paid special attention to the spiritual lives of their subjects -- devoting much more verbiage to the "achievements" of churchmen than the exploits of soldiers, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen. Many of the narrative "life histories" read like eulogies on the "goodness" and "holiness" of their subjects. The compilers were also at pains to note the denomination to which their subjects belonged (when known), and the various offices they held in their respective churches.

One branch of the family converted early on to Mormonism. William Huntington served Joseph Smith as member of the High Council. One of his daughters married Brigham Young; another married Heber C. Kimball. Meanwhile, the daughter of a different Huntington family married a preacher who boasted of being President of the National Anti-Mormon League. These folks obviously had strong beliefs.

Other notables populating the pages of this genealogy include Collis P. Huntington, railroad tycoon and founder of the city of Newport News, Virginia, and one Eli Whitney, who married a Huntington granddaughter. Of the latter, the compilers have nothing more to say than, "I think he was the inventor of the sewing machine needle."  For a list of all the brilliant people in "The Huntington Family in America," see the name list.

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