The Hull Family in America, by Col. C. H. Weygant for the Hull Family Association (n. p., ca. 1913).  8vo, 648 pages, including eight indexes in sixty-four pages.   Digital Edition on CD-ROM © October 2003.

This genealogical history of the Hull family primarily concerns descendants of (1) George Hull, "surveyor, Indian trader, magistrate, statesman," who settled the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts, about 1630, then removed in 1636 to Windsor, Connecticut; (2) George's brother, Rev. Joseph Hull, who settled first in Weymouth in 1635, but having run up again the antagonism of the Boston Puritanical Party, removed with his followers in 1639 first to Plymouth Colony (Barnstable), then to Maine (York); and  (3) Richard Hull, who was in Dorchester as early as 1634, then in Roxbury, from which he removed as early as 1639 to New Haven.  The book also contains a short (eight page) account of the "New Hampshire Hulls" whose connection, with George, Joseph, or Richard, if any, had not been established (as of 1913).

Most every family that has been in America since early Colonial days has produced prominent citizens of one kind or another.  The Hull family is obviously no exception.  The compiler of the Hull genealogy, Colonel Weygant, no doubt had a predilection for recording the military exploits of the Hull descendants -- particularly prominent in the Richard branch.  Given his predilections, it comes as no surprise perhaps that Weygant ignored the exploits of Frederick Law Olmstead (son of John and Charlotte Hull Olmstead, another Richard descendant), who is widely regarded as the founding father of American landscape architecture and master-mind of New York's Central Park!

The eight indexes list (a) descendants and (b) consorts of George, Joseph, Richard, and the New Hampshire Hulls.  These indexes are on line at Name List.

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