John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, and Some of His Descendants, by Timothy Hopkins (Stanford University Press, 1932).  xi + 936 pages, including one image and 132 pages of index.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © May 2001.

This publication gives us the history of John and his descendants in the male line through eleven additional generations.  It give us descendants of the female lines through one additional generation.  An original proprietor of Hartford, Connecticut (1636), John Hopkins is said to have arrived in Newtown (Cambridge), Massachusetts, in 1634.  By 1930, he had descendants in all forty-eight states, the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (a fact that we were able to determine in about fifteen minutes using the search routine of our word processing software - another advantage of the Digital Edition).

Among the most literate of the family histories we have published as of May 2001, John Hopkins of Cambridge is full of interesting detail concerning the lives of John's descendants, the places in which they lived, and the ancestors of their spouses.  Significant collateral families (apart from Smith, Jones, etc.) include ALLEN, AUSTIN, BALDWIN, BENEDICT, BRONSON, CARTER, CLARK, COOK, COOPER, CRARY, EDWARDS, FELLOWS, FISHER, GILBERT, HALL, HART, KELLOGG, MILLER, PARKER, PECK, PHILLIPS, PORTER, ROBERTS, ROBINSON, ROGERS, SEDGWICK, SILL, STEELE, STRONG, TAYLOR, THOMPSON, UPSON, WEBSTER, WILLIAMS, WILSON, WOOD, and WRIGHT.  For all the names in the index of this book, see the name list.

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