Connecticut during the
War of the Revolution


Historical Collection from Official Records, Files, &c. of the Part Sustained by Connecticut During the War of the Revolution, compiled by Royal R. Hinman, Secretary of the State of Connecticut (Hartford, 1842),  8vo -- 644 pages with two interleaved images and a short (fifteen-page) subject index.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 2004.

This volume is a compilation of official records pertaining the the War of the Revolution in Connecticut, and Revolutionary War deeds and actions of Connecticut residents in and out of Connecticut.  It contains about a hundred pages of "general history" compiled by Hinman, followed by an "epitome" containing abstracts or verbatim extracts from acts of the General Assembly of Connecticut (relating to the war), and acts of the governor and his council of safety (or Council of War) to May 1778, as taken from original records in the Secretary's office, and an "Appendix" containing "important letters, despositions, &c. written during the War."

Hinman's history of Connecticut during the War of the Revolution will be of interest to any family whose ancestors resided in the state and participated, on one side or the other, in the struggle for (or against) indepedence.  The index (which can be viewed on-line) is, from the genealogist's point of view, very abbreviated -- the historian's interest being more particularly focused on events than on people.  There are, however, a number of families and/or individuals, prominent in Connecticut's Revolutionary War History, who are especially well represented in this compilation.

Among these are: Adams, Allen, Arnold, Babcock, Backus, Bidwell, Bigelow, Bill, Bradley, Brown, Bull, Burrall, Burr, Bushnell, Champion, Chester, Church, Coit, Davenport, Dean, DESHON, Douglass, Durham, Dyer, ELDERKIN, Elliot, Elsworth, ELY, FITCH, Franklin, Gay, Hamlin, HARDING, Hayden, Hillhouse, Hinman, Hopkins, HOSMER, Howe, Hubbard, HUNTINGTON, Lathrop, Lattimer, Law, Lawrence, Lee, Ledyard, McLellan, Meigs, Mosely, Mott, NILES, PARSONS, Payne, Perkins, Pitkin, Porter, Root, Saltonstall, SHAW, SILLIMAN, Smedley, Spencer, Squire, Talcott, Thompson, Trumbull, WADSWORTH, Wales, Waterbury, Webb, Whittlesey, Williams, WOLCOTT, and Wooster.  (Surnames in upper case are especially well-represented).

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This publication is likely to be of particular interest to researchers of the Bigelow, Bushnell, and Huntington families.

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