Hadley, Massacusetts

History of Hadley, Including the Early History of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst, and Granby, Massachusetts, by Sylvester Judd, with Family Genealogies by Lucius M. Boltwood (Northampton, Massachusetts, 1863)  8vo., 636 pages, of which the abbreviated index occupies seven pages. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © January 2005.

This is a charming, if somewhat awkwardly written history of much of Hampshire County, Massachusetts.  It is chock full of useful information about early families of the Connecticut River valley, and is remarkable among town and county histories in its largely successful attempt to give us meaningful knowledge about  the every-day lives of our New England ancestors.

Judd's History fills the first 440 pages of the volume. This is followed by Boltwood's Genealogical Register -- 150 pages of small print (which is NOT small in the Digital Edition).  A twenty-page appendix contains miscellaneous information, including lists of officials in Hadley and its derivative towns.

Prominent Families of the area included BOLTWOOD (Descendants of Robert of Wethersfield), CHURCH (Descendants of Richard of Hartford, 1637), COOK (Descendants of Captain Aaron), COLE (Sometimes Cowles or Cowls, descendants of John of Farmington, 1652), DICKINSON (Descendants of Nathaniel of Wethersfield, 1637), EASTMAN (Descendants of Roger of Salisbury, 1638), FIELD (Descendants of Zechariah of Hartford, 1639), GRAVES (Descendants of Thomas of Hartford, 1645), HASTINGS (Descendants of Thomas of Watertown, 1652), HUBBARD (Descendant of John of Wethersfield), INGRAM (Descendants of John), JUDD (Descendants of Reuben and Thomas), KELLOGG (Descendants of Joseph of Farmington, 1651), MARSH (Descendants of John of Hartford, 1639), MONTAGUE (Descendants of Richard of Wethersfield, 1651), MOODY (Descendants of Samuel), NASH (Descendants of Timothy of Hartford, 1661), PORTER (Descendants of John of Windsor), SMITH (Descendants of Joseph of Hartford, 1657; Lieutenant Samuel of Wethersfield; and Samuel, son of Henry of Wethersfield), WARNER (Descendants of Andrew of Cambridge, 1632, and John of Ipswich), and WHITE (Descendants of John of Cambridge, 1633).  For other surnames, see the online index.  Note, however, that this index is very abbreviated.

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