John Grow of Ipswich and John Groo of Oxford, by George W. Davis (1914),  8vo, 237 + xxxiv pages (the index) and two images.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © August 2006.

Says the author of this volume, in his preface: "The compiler of these pages has had no other motive than to bring together the earlier and later records of one of the families of "plain people" who so largely constituted the primitive American stock. Unlike many other American geneologies, in this modest effort there will be found nothing to prove distinguished descent of our forbears nor to justify or illustrate the "boast of heraldry."  Whence came the first of the name we know not, nor whether born in America or an immigrant.  So the record begins with John Grow, 'weaver,' who married the daughter of an immigrant. One of his sons was a 'cordwainer', and another a 'maltster', but nearly all were small farmers who reclaimed their fields from the wilderness, and had for their first habitations the thatched and mud chinked log cabin."

The one, John (Grow), appeared in the records of Ipswich as early as 1664; the other, John (Groo), born 1720, possibly a descendant of the first, appeared first in the records of Oxford, Massachusetts.

Among related families, the following surnames are prominent:  BATES, BENNETT, BROWN, BURGESS, BUTLER, CARPENTER, CHAMBERLAIN, CLARK, CURTIS, DAVIS, GAY, GREEN, HALL, PALMER, REYNOLDS, ROBINSON, SANBORN, SMITH, TAYLOR, WILSON, and WOODS. For a complete list, see the online index.

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