The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield, by Benjamin Apthorp Gould (Lynn, Massachusetts, 1895), vii + 351 pages. The Digital Edition, published on CD-ROM, © October 2009.

Zaccheus Gould appears to have sought the shores of New England between the years 1636 and 1638, and to have established himself finally in that part of Ipswich that was subsequently, and chiefly through his efforts, set off into a separate town, named Topsfield.  His ancestry, in this volume, is traced to Thomas Goold, of Bovington, who was born probably not later than 1455.  The descendants of Zaccheus, as represented in this volume, extend through nine generations.

The volume has three indexes, containing seventy-six:  An index of persons named Gould, an index of other names, descendants of Zaccheus, and an index of persons married to Goulds who were descendants of Zaccheus.  These indexes are especially useful.  The first two display not only the names of the descendants, but also their birth and death dates and the names of their parents. The third index shows the both the dates of marriage and the names of the spouses.

Related families:  CLARK, FOSTER, HOOD, PAGE, PERKINS, PERLEY, ROBINSON, SMITH, and TOWNE.  For other families in the Gould chain, see the on-line name-list.

An appendix (approximately fifty pages) offers the genealogical history of nineteen Goulds families in America of unknown connection to Zaccheus.

The Digital Edition: Complete, with two text files in DOC format (2.3 Mb) and two images files in GIF format (190 Kb).

Enhancements: Lineage-tracking hyperlinks; a new Table of Contents with navigational hyperlinks; integration of errata and additions, as required, in the main body of the text.

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