The Gentry Family in America, 1676 to 1909, Including Notes on the Following Families Related to the Gentrys: Claiborne, Harris, Hawkins, Robinson, Smith, Wyatt, Sharp, Fulkerson, Butler, Bush, Blythe, Pabody, Noble, Haggard, and Tindall, by Richard Gentry (New York, 1909).  8vo, 407 pages with (including a 40-page index) with 43 interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © July 2002.

This genealogy focuses on Nicholas Gentry, the immigrant (settled in New Kent County, Virginia, as early as 1684), and his progeny through the ninth generation.  The fourth generation furnished the Revolutionary soldiers of the family, and after the war they were among the early pioneers of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  By the sixth generation, there were Gentrys in almost every Southern state and territory, as well as in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.

There were Gentrys in every American war, from the Indian Wars of colonial days to "the late war with Spain."  Some of them witnessed Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown.  Several of them fought in the War of 1812 with General Jackson at New Orleans and General Harrison on the Northern lakes.  They fought under Colonel Taylor against the Seminoles in Florida (1837); suffered defeat at the Alamo; charged to victory at San Jacinto, and rejoiced at the capture of Santa Anna.  Several lost their lived in the Mexican War (1847).  Many died in the Civil War on both sides -- more for the South than for the Union, because more of them lived in the Southern states, and their families were slave owners.  They seem to have favored their plantations over commerce and politics: Only Meredith P. Gentry, the noted orator and great Whig statesman of Tennessee, achieved anything approaching a national reputation, having served many years in the United State Congress before the Civil War and the Confederate Congress during the War.

In addition to the families named in the extended title of this genealogy, Gentrys were more or less intimately related, through marriage, with the following "old Virginia" families:  BALLARD, BARNETT, BOONE, BROWN, CHENAULT, CLAY, CRAWFORD, DABNEY, DULANEY, ESTILL, ESTES, GIBSON, GORDON, GREEN, HOCKER, JOYNER, LIPSCOMB, McDOWELL, MAUPIN, MEANS, MICHIE, MILLER, MULLINS, OVERTON, RODES, ROLLINS, SIMMS, SHELTON, TODD, TIMBERLAKE, and STONE.  For all the Gentrys and their kin featured in this genealogy, see the Name List.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with two text files (1.3 Mb) and 43 high-resolution images (7.0 Mb).

Enhancements include: Navigation aids, including lineage-tracking hyperlinks and hyperlinks to the image files.  The text has been corrected as directed by the compiler in his list of errata.  Errors in alphabetizing the index have also been corrected.

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