The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family in the United States, also Biographical Sketches of Members of the Family, by John D. Gallup (Hartford, CT, 1893).  8vo, 323 pages (including a 29-page index) with two interleaved images. Digital Edition on CD-ROM © July 2002.

John Gallup (or Gallop), the ancestor "of most of the families of that name in this country" (as of 1893), came to New England from Dorset, England, in 1630. His wife, Christobel, and his  children followed, reluctantly, in 1633.   John was a mariner who, with his sons, carried on a coastal trade in his own vessels.  On one of his expeditions he chanced upon the murderers of his old friend, John Oldham, whom he avenged in a most frightful fashion, thus launching the Pequot War (1637).  There are full accounts of this memorable event in the book's appendix. [See also the Digital Edition of Livermore's History of Block Island]

The appendix also contains transcripts of military commission and orders for John, Nathan, and Benadam Gallup; four pages detailing the service of the Gallups "who marched from Connecticut for the relief of Boston in the Lexington Alarm, 1775"; and tables of Gallups who served in Connecticut regiments in the War of 1812 and the Civil War.  Another appendix entitled "Miscellaneous," contains early land records, wills, pedigrees, and inventories.

Among families of collateral lines in the Gallup genealogy, the following are most numerous:  ALLEN, ALLYN, AVERY, BAILEY, BILL, BREWSTER, BRIGGS, BROWN, CLARK, CRARY, DEAN, DENNISON, FISH, FRINK, GEER, HALL, KENNEDY, KINNE, LAMB, MORGAN, PALMER, PARK, PHILIPS, SPICER, STANTON, TANNER, TAYLOR, WHEELER, WHIPPLE, WILLIAMS, and WINDSOR.  To view all the names in the index, download the Name List.

The index in this volume is atypical.  For persons with the Gallup surname, there are ten separate lists, one for each generation, with each individual identified only once, by date of birth and record number (i.e., no page numbers).  Persons with other surnames are identified only by surname and page number (i.e., given names are not given).  As a consequence of these peculiarities, users of the CD version will appreciate the search capabilities of their word processing software, as well as Digital Editions' inter-generational (lineage-tracking) hyperlinks.

The Digital Edition:  Complete with three text files (1.7 Mb) and two high-resolution images (220 Kb).

Enhancements: Improved format and navigation aids. The lineage-tracking hyperlinks are especially helpful in this volume, in which the family records are not always in numerical order.  Additionally, the text has been corrected to incorporate the compiler's errata list.

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