The John Elliot Family of Boscawen, New Hampshire, by Henry Ames Kimball (Concord, NH., 1918),  8vo, viii + 124 pages with seventeen pages of index and three images.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © August 2006.

Though not among the original thirty-three prorprietors of Boscawen (1734), John Elliot, if not one of the original pioneers, was certainly one it the town's earliest inhabitants. His names appears first on Boscawen records in 1743, when thirty-one settlers organized themselves into a military company for defense against the Indians.  Unfortunately, as of the publication date of this volume (1918), John Elliot's parentage had not been determined.

John Elliot had three sons and three daughters.  The John Elliot Family of Boscawen traces the descendants through 1918, of all three sons (John, Nicholas, and Robert) and one daughter (Olive).

The author, Henry Ames Kimball, was secretary of the New Hampshire Historical Society from 1905 to 1913. His professionalism as a family historian is reflected in the following excerpts from the introduction:

The writer has worked intermittently at this compilation for the past twenty-five years. Only those who have conducted a similar research can have any idea of the time and labor involved. Hundreds of letters have been written and hundreds of miles traveled to get together a comparatively small amount of material. Most people think a request for genealogical information is the one thing that need not be answered promptly. The ignorance of most people regarding the vital statistics of their nearest relatives is discouraging. It is common to receive long letters containing absolutely no definite dates or facts, but filled with apologetic statements to the effect that "Aunt Susan knew, but nobody else remembers" or "Our family Bible got lost somehow" or "Since grandsir's house was burned, we've got no records" or "The snow is so deep I can't get over to the grave-yard, seven miles."

Another thing, even more perplexing than the lack of material, is the conflicting statements. In many cases the family Bible, the tombstone, a personal recollection and the town clerk's record all differ. In the first two cases the inaccuracy is explained by the fact that the inscriptions may have been made at a much later date than the occurrence. We all know that human memory is uncertain. The bureau of Vital Statistics in the State House, containing transcriptions from the town books, is considered the court of last resort, but even that is not infallible; and although it contains an invaluable mine of facts, the earlier records are mostly lacking.

Among related families, only two of many are especially prominent: CLARK and FLANDERS.  For a complete list, see the online index.  The index of this volume is particularly useful in showing the birth dates of persons listed (when known).

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