History and Genealogy of Deacon Joseph Eastman of Hadley, Mass., Grandson of Roger Eastman of Salisbury, Mass., compiled by Guy S. Rix, Concord, New Hampshire, with Preface and Introduction by M. Emily Eastman (Westfield, Massachusetts, 1908),  8vo, 263 pages with thirty pages of index and one image.  The Digital Edition on CD-ROM © February 2005.

Eastman's introduction (about ten pages) traces the descent from Roger, the immigrant ancestor, to Deacon Joseph.  The remainder of the volume focuses of Deacon Josph and the descendants of ten of his eleven children, in both male and female lines, through eight generations, to 1908.  Deacon Joseph was born in Hadley, Massachusetts, in 1683.  He died there in 1769.

Among descendants, the following surnames are prominent:  ADAMS, BELDING, BILLINGS, CLARY, COOLEY, COWLES, DAVIS, DICKINSON, DWIGHT, FIELD, GOODRICH, HAWKES, KING, KELLOGG, LOOMIS, NASH, PORTER, SMITH, WARNER, WHITE, WHITTEMORE, WIGHT, AND WING.  For a complete list, see the online index.

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