Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation: A Genealogical History, by Harry Wright Newman (Washington, 1952). 590 pages, with 21 images, interleaved.  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © May 2002.

Mareen Du Vall, a French Protestant and a Jacobite, arrived in Maryland in the 1650's as the indentured servant of one John Covell, to whom, possibly, he had been "sold" into exile from the land of the Sun King (Louis XIV).  At the end of his indenture (by 1659), Mareen became a subject of Lord Baltimore and the British Crown, a freeholder in Ann Arundel County, Maryland.  He married (twice) and sired six sons and six daughters.  All twelve survived childhood and (with but one exception) had children of their own.   Newman traces the descendants of these children (Mareen's grandchildren) through six additional generations.

The Duvalls, said Newman, "intermarried with all the gentry families of the Anglican oligarchy" of Prince Georges and Ann Arundel counties, "and it can be safely written that no family in the Colonies married more with their kinsmen than the Duvalls -- union with first cousins was most frequent."  In consequence of this practice, there are a number of closely related families.  Newman mentioned some of them in the subtitle of this book: A Genealogical History of Mareen Duvall and His Descendants with Histories of the Allied Families of Tyler, Clarke, Poole, Hall, and Merriken.  To this short list, we can (with ample justification) add: BEALL, BECK, BELT, DENUNE, DUCKETT, HARWOOD, HOWARD, LAMAR, WATERS, WEST, and WILLIAMS.   For other families in the Duvall chain, see the name list.

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