The Doane Family: Deacon John Doane of Plymouth, Doctor John Done of Maryland, and Their Descendants, by Alfred Adler Doane (Salem, Massachusetts, 1902).  8vo., xxii +  533 pages, with a seventeen-page index and fifty-two images (forty-seven of which are interleaved).  Digital Edition on CD-ROM © December 1999

The lion's share of this work focuses on Deacon John of Plymouth and his descendants through nine generations.  Doctor John of Maryland and his descendants occupy just five pages, but there is a tweny-page essay on "Rev. Samuel Osborn and Some of His Descendants" and a thirteen page essay entitled "Notes Upon the Done Family of Cheshire, England," originally published by Sarah Cash in Cheshire Notes and Queries.

John Doane arrived in Plymouth about 1630.  Among his descendants, an unusually large portion were sea-faring folk -- boat builders and mariners -- including a few pirates and others who achieved eminence in their maritime activities.  Many of them, farmers and mariners alike, went to Canada, settling mostly in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Many of them, having become Quakers, settled in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Several of them -- renegades in Pennsylvania and rebels in Canada -- met their end at the end of a hangman's noose.

The index is published in two parts:  the first lists all the Doanes and Dones by their given name.  The second lists everyone else by surname only.  This is a bit inconvenient for readers of the hard-copy, but not a problem for users of the digital edition, who will typically refer the index only to ascertain the need for conducting an electronic search.   Other than "Smith" and "Brown" -- names which are common to almost any genealogy -- the collateral families that figure most prominently in The Doane Family are: ATWOOD, BAKER, CROWELL, ELDREDGE, FREEMAN, HARDING, HIGGINS, HOPKINS, KNOWLES, MAYO, NICKERSON, PAINE and PAYNE, ROGERS, SHAW, TAYLOR, and YOUNG.  For a complete list, see the Name List.

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