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We published our first Digital Edition -- Stones of Surry -- in 1998.  We had to.  The book had no index, and we had no convenient way of finding information in it other than by creating an electronic version that we could search using our word processing software.  Having discovered the superiority of the Digital Edition in this way, we had to share it with our cousins.  We began offering our products on the Web in 1999.  Since then, we've spent about sixty hours a week producing and promoting Digital Editions. As of 1 July 2008 -- our eleventh year of operation -- we had filled more than 1500 orders.  During this time, our customers (in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Norway, Spain, and most of the fifty United States) bought 2,250 titles.   As of 1 July 2008 we have published 114 titles, and we continue to add about a dozen title each year.  We are especially  pleased with the marketing partnerships we have established with the Willard, Bosworth, and Gentry families, and look forward to starting similarly beneficial relationships with other family groups.

We've had to help a few (very few) customers with hardware or software problems, but we're happy to say that we've never had a complaint about the quality of our publications.

We operate on a non-profit basis.  While we don't expect to make money in this enterprise, we do hope eventually to recover our costs, and we have set our prices accordingly.  We do what we do as a service to the genealogy community.

                                 ... And the Plant

The Scanning and Recognition Center.

Since scanning and recognition is by and large a mindless operation, we've set up this facility in close proximity to a television where we can watch ancient movies on AMC.  Occasionally, distracted by a John Wayne shenanigan or the Three Stooges, we skip a page or duplicate another.  Not to worry.  Errors and omissions are rectified in the ...


Editing, Production, and Promotion Center.

This is where we spend most of our time, correcting recognition errors, creating pleasing formats, responding to inquiries, selling our products, and producing CDs.



Here we keep paper-based copies of the Digital Editions that we have produced, or plan to produce.


Business Center.

This is where we put all the work that we don't do because we're always focussed on putting out our next product.

Contact us: 1-800-496-0877

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